How do I return a gift?

Purchases from the Babylist Store

We offer free returns within 90 days of purchase for gifts purchased directly from the Babylist store.

If your order starts with BLS:

To return a gift purchased from your registry, click the return link next to the item(s) you’d like to return from your Gift Reservations page.

To return any non-gift item(s) or a gift that is not attached to your registry under Gift Reservations, just head to our Returns Center to begin.

If your order does not start with BLS, please contact our Happiness Heroes with the Babylist order number and item information. From there, we will issue a pre-paid return shipping label so you may return your gift at no cost!

Purchases from Other Stores

We ask your guests for all the information you’ll need to make returns easier. Visit your gift reservation page for the purchaser’s name and email address, along with other order information they’ve provided to us. If you need help, our Happiness Heroes are happy to direct you to the right folks to make your gift returns.