How do I organize my registry?

Are you using a computer?

Log onto your account on the website. Go to "Organize Items" on the right hand side of your Babylist right above your listed gifts you can move items around in categories



If you click "Organize Categories" you can create a unique category of items you would really need versus ones that are nice to have as well as move the categories around so they are in the order you prefer your gift givers to view them. You can also mark a category as private so it's only visible to you and then change its status at any time when you want your guests to have access to it there. 



Are you using the app?

In the iOS app:

Go to your registry and look for the "..." icon towards the upper right hand corner of the app. Click on that icon, and then click "Organize Registry". From there, just press and hold the three lines that are on the right side of the item: then you can drag and drop the items wherever you want them to go.


Want to organize the order of your categories, or add new categories? Simply switch from the "Items" tab to the "Categories" tab on that same screen. You can add, delete, and rearrange the categories however you'd like. 


If you have any questions, contact our Happiness Heroes, and we’ll be happy to help.