How do I organize my registry?

Are you using a computer? From your "View Registry" page, click the organize button on the far right side of your registry.


Registry organization tips:

  • Drag and drop items within a category
  • Use the drop down menu beside an item to move it to a new category
  • Rearrange entire categories by clicking on the up and down arrows to the right of each category header
  • Create custom categories by clicking on "+ New Category"
  • Mark any category as private by using the drop down menu or clicking on the three dots
  • Edit the name of a category by clicking on the pencil next to the title
  • Remove a category by clicking the three dots and select “Delete”
  • Don’t forget to click “Done Organizing” when you’re finished to save your changes!

Are you using the app? Go to the menu bar at the top left corner of your screen and select Registry. Scroll down to tap Organize Registry. From there, just drag and drop items in whatever order you'd like!