How do I add other registries to Babylist?

You have two options to choose between when it comes to adding other store's registries to Babylist.

Add Registry Link

  • The other registry will appear on your Babylist as a link.
  • Gift givers can still search for your registry by store: online or in person.  
  • IMPORTANT: The other registry does not sync with Babylist, so you don't want to put the same thing on both registries. You might end up getting a duplicate gift, because we don't have any way of knowing when something is marked as purchased on an outside site. 

Transfer Items

  • All items from your other registry will move to your Babylist: all you have to do is copy and paste a link, and they'll be transferred.
  • Once the transfer is completed, you can say goodbye to the other registry and delete it! We ask that you do this because the registries will not sync, so if an item is purchased off of one registry, the other will not know about it and you may end up with duplicates.
  • You'll only need to manage one registry! Any new items you want to add can be added directly to Babylist using the bookmark button or the app.

Trying to decide what works best for you?

The easiest way to decide is whether or not you want your merged registry to be open and active in-store. If your gift givers are more inclined to shop traditional retailers and are used to finding registries at brick and mortar stores, we recommend linking your registry. You'll also be able to take advantage of any discount programs or incentives offered by those retailers. 

If you don't mind deleting your other registry, then we recommend the transfer. That's the easiest way to see all the items you have registered for in one place. 


Are you using a computer?

Click on "Add Other Registry" at the top of the page. If you're logged in, you can go directly to that page here.


Are you using the app?

In the iOS app:

Tap the + sign and then tap "Other Registries". 


In the Android App:

We're sorry, our Android app doesn't currently have the option to add external registries! However, you can do it using your computer. 


If you have any questions, contact our Happiness Heroes and we’ll be happy to help.