How can I add custom gifts or services to my Babylist?

You can add custom gifts or services with our Help & Favors coupons. We offer a selection of pre-designed coupons, from dog walking to used baby clothes, that you can use to add non-traditional requests to your registry.

Go to the Help & Favors section of our Babylist store.

In the app, press the “Store” shopping bag icon at the bottom and scroll down to “Gift Cards & More.” Select the “Help & Favors” category.

Not seeing a pre-made coupon for something you need? You can also select our "Wild Card" blank coupon and edit it to your liking!

Here’s how to customize coupons:

  1. Add the coupon to your registry from our Help & Favors section.
  2. Click or tap to edit the coupon on your registry.
  3. You can change the title, quantity, and price.
  4. You can change the photo as well by clicking on "Replace."
  5. Add a note- this step is probably the most important! Since gift givers come to a registry expecting to purchase something, make sure you tell them the best way to give you this non-traditional gift. 


Registry tips: 

If you leave the quantity blank, the item will remain on your list no matter how many people reserve it (Think unlimited babysitting!).

Be specific in the note section and don’t forget to include important contact information like phone numbers or email addresses when needed.

Wondering exactly what help and favors you should ask for? You can see some great ideas in our Help & Favors Sample Registry.

If you want to register for monetary donations, our cash funds may be a better fit than the Wild Card coupon. Please see the "Cash Funds" section of our Help Center to find out how you can do this.