How do I add additional retailers to my items?

Want to add another retailer option for an item? 

We’re not able to automatically match all products across all stores. We'll be expanding this feature as more stores improve their product updates. That said, if you do find the gift at another retailer and want to add a second link, you can always do that manually.

Are you using the website?

Add the item from the first retailer, then click the edit button next to it on your registry page. Simply click on "Add Another URL" to include the link and price of the item from the second retailer. You can only add one extra URL but keep in mind that your gift givers can purchase items ANYWHERE, not just the link (or two) you provide.


Are you using the app?

Tap the item to bring up its edit screen. Tap "Add Buying Option" and then paste the URL and add the price.