How do I purchase multiple gifts that come from more than one retailer?

Since Babylist is a universal wish list, registrants can add any item from any store. Parents-to-be love it because they aren't limited in their selections. However, it does mean that the items you choose may end up coming from many different retailers.

Items that come from different retailers must be purchased separately. However, the stores listed with each item are suggestions only. If you’re able to search and find all your gifts at one retailer, you certainly may purchase them all together.  Although, some stores like Pottery Barn Kids, Etsy, Land of Nod, etc. are proprietary brands, so those items can only be purchased from those particular stores. 

If you want to avoid having to checkout at more than one store, use the Sort by Store feature on the right side of the registry page to narrow down items by their retailers.

Once you have reserved all of the gifts that you would like to purchase, all the gifts from similar retailers will be grouped together in your reservation page. If you have multiple gifts from the same retailer, here's how you can purchase them in one order:

Beside the first item, click the button that says "CLICK TO BUY".

That opens a new TAB in your web browser. Add that item to your cart.

Then click the TAB in your web browser that says "Your Babylist Gifts". (It's at the very, very top of your browser, not the web page.)

Click the button that says "CLICK TO BUY" for the second item. Add it to your cart.

Repeat as needed for the other items from the same retailer. 

Once all your items are in your cart, you can proceed through checkout. Pay special attention to the shipping address if you need to ship the gifts to the registrant. Otherwise you can have them shipped to you- it's your choice.

If you want to ship the gift directly to the registrant, remember to enter their address as the shipping address during checkout, which is located at the top of your reservation page, click "See Address".

If you change your mind, please remember to remove the gift from your Babylist Cart so that someone else has a chance to purchase it.