Can I keep my gift a surprise?

Surprises can be difficult when there's a registry involved. Even if the registrant opted out of notifications, they'll still be able to see when things are no longer on their list. Here's how our registry works:

Registrants have the option of receiving an email alert when gifts are reserved. It's their choice to opt in or out of those emails and we can't change their settings without their permission. 

We keep who reserved what hidden unless the registrant specifically wants to know, in which case, they have access to their "Thank You" list. It comes in handy at the end when they need to thank people or make any exchanges. But it's up to them not to peek in the meantime!

One note of caution- if you chose not to reserve your gifts so as to not alert the registrant, they remain available on the registry for others to purchase. This leads to duplicate gifting. We strongly encourage you not to skip reserving gifts.