How do I choose and buy a gift?

Babylist is a universal wish list. This means our registrants can add any item from any store to their Babylist registry. Once on the registry, here's how it works:

1) Click on “Give this Gift" and enter your name and email address. This step is what removes your gifts from the list so they don't get duplicates.


2) When you are ready to purchase your gift, click the red button on the right as in the photo below. You’ll be redirected to the item on that retailer’s website, where you’ll need to add the item to your cart. Then you can purchase the item from that store. If your gift is available through more than one retailer, you can click “change Store” next to the price and choose your preferred retailer from the drop-down menu. 

Please note: We'll give you links to a retailer or two that carries your gift but where you buy the gift is totally up to you. You can also buy things in-store!


If you want to ship the gift directly to the registrant, remember to enter their address as the shipping location during checkout. The registrant’s address is located at the bottom left side of your reservation page.




3) Once you’ve completed your transaction, click “I’ve purchased this” on your reservation page. Please include the name of the store where you purchased the gift and your order number. This is helpful for any possible returns or exchanges.


If you change your mind, please remember to unreserve the gift from your reservation page so that someone else has a chance to purchase it. Click “Cancel Reservation” to return the gift back to the registry.



When buying multiple items, keep in mind that if they are listed through different retailers, you will need to make separate purchases for each retailer. Here are directions if you’re purchasing items from multiple stores.