Where are my gifts?

You can find out the status of a gift from your Gift Tracker page. (You can find out more about the Gift tracker page here.)

If a gift is marked as purchased:

Gift givers have the option to send gifts directly to you but many have gifts shipped to their own homes so that they can wrap and present the gifts personally. Global shipping delays due to COVID-19 are also slowing down the delivery of gifts. If you have a baby shower or sprinkle planned, we'd recommend waiting to see what gifts are given to you. Then we can help follow up on any that may be still missing. If you're not having a shower or your event has already passed and you're concerned about a missing gift, reach out to our Happiness Heroes and let us know which gifts you're missing and we'll send a check-in email to your gift givers. (Don't worry- we won't tell them you asked!)

If a gift is not marked as purchased yet:

There are lots of reasons why gift givers may wait to make a purchase. Some may be waiting for payday, for an item to restock, or to make sure the delivery falls on a day when they (or you!) will be home. If a gift is not marked as purchased, we automatically send gift givers three reminder emails over the course of two weeks. If it's been more than two weeks since a reservation was made, we can send a 4th reminder at your request. The reminder email is generic so it won't indicate that you asked about the gift. It only asks the gift giver to update us about the status of their gift. If you'd like to request a reminder be sent to a gift giver, reach out to our Happiness Heroes and let us know which gifts you're missing and which gift givers you'd like to send them to.