What is the best way to share my Babylist?

Your registry visibility matters when it comes to sharing your Babylist.

If your registry is set to Public, your guests will be able to go to babylist.com, click "Find a Registry" and search for you by name. If you have chosen to make your registry searchable on Google, they can also use Google search to find your registry.

If your registry is set to Hidden, your guests will only be able to find your registry if they have your unique URL. If you have a password set-up for your guests, they will also need the password to access your registry.

From the website, you can find and copy your unique Babylist URL on the bottom left corner of your registry. From the app, tap on the Menu button in the upper left corner > Registry > Visibility & Privacy. Tap your registry URL to copy it.


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If you need help updating your privacy settings, you can find directions here.