How do I order the free insert cards?

Using a computer? 

Log onto your account on the website. Look for the "Build Your Registry" tiles above your gifts. Click on "Order Free Insert Cards" and enter the amount that you need (up to 100!) and the address they need to go to. If you are logged in, you can go directly to that page here. Any additional orders can be placed by contacting our Happiness Heroes.  


It typically takes 1-2 business days to prepare your insert cards for shipment and then 5-7 business days for US orders (10-14 business days if you're in Canada) to arrive at your door.

Need them sooner? Don't worry! Click here for our printable PDF!

Please note: Our insert cards are not sent out with tracking information. If you haven't received your insert cards within the timeframe specified above, please reach out and we'd be happy to place another order for you. 

Using the iOS app?

In the iOS app, go to the menu bar (at the top left side of your screen) and select Registry. Scroll down to tap Share Registry. From there, you can simply hit "Order Free Insert Cards" and enter the required information. 



Using the Android App?

In the Android app, go to the menu bar (at the top left side of your screen) and then tap on "Order Insert Cards." 

insert_cards_android.png Android_insert_cards_new.png