How do I contribute to a group gift?

Group gifting allows you to contribute any amount you’d like toward a gift. If you are the first gift giver, you will also have the option to purchase it outright.


If you’d like to contribute, click the green “Fund This Gift” button, enter your information, and click “Continue”. You can then enter the amount you’d like to gift. Your contribution, whether partial or full, will be sent to the registrant to make the final purchase. The gift will ship after the registrant places the order. If you prefer to purchase the item completely and have it shipped, click “Give this Gift”, enter your information, and click “Reserve & Checkout”. 

Click the red “Checkout” button on your Gift Reservation page when you’re ready to complete your purchase. We will add your name and email to the registrant’s Thank You List so they’ll know who the gift is from. You can also leave a personalized gift message on Your Gift Reservation page with these step by step directions.