How do I get started building my registry?

Are you using a computer?  

Are you using an iPhone or iPad? 

  • Download our iOS app. You can then add items to your registry by clicking the plus sign in the lower right of your Registry screen, or you can turn on the "Share to Babylist" feature in your mobile browser.
    • To turn on the "Share to Babylist" feature, go to your mobile browser and click on the center "Share" icon in the bottom navigation bar, select "More" and switch Babylist on: 

IMG_0785.PNG .  IMG_0786.PNG . IMG_0787.PNG

  • Once this is turned on, to add items to your registry, click the "Share" icon in your mobile browser again, then your new "Add to Babylist" button.
  • Note: "Share to Babylist" only works if your iPhone or iPad is running at least iOS 8. You won't see the "Share to Babylist" button if your device is on iOS 7 or less. The only way to fix this is to update your device to a more recent version of iOS.

Are you using an Android device? 

How to pick which items to add to your registry?

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