How do I remove other retailers from my items?

When you add an item to your Babylist registry, our product matching feature will search and see if that item is also sold at Amazon, Babylist, Target or Walmart. If it is, we’ll show you their price and add a link to the store on your registry.


We are unable to remove specific retailers from your list. If you’d like to turn off the automatic product matching feature, you can do so from the website once logged into your account. Click on your name at the top right side of your registry to access the account drop down menu  > Settings > Registry Info. Un-check "When possible, automatically show multiple stores that offer an item." This setting cannot be adjusted in the mobile app. 

Please note: turning off this feature will remove all retailers from your list besides the one retailer you added the gift from.


If you find the item at another retailer, you are welcome to add a second link. Please keep in mind that your gift givers can purchase items anywhere, not just the link (or two) you provide. Here are directions on how to add an additional retailer to your registry.