How do I use my Babylist discount?

Are you using a computer? 

Make sure you are logged into your Babylist account. You can then shop items in the Babylist store. You can also click the link at the top of your registry that reads "Your 15% registry discount is ready!" to see all of the items you've added to your registry that are eligible for the registry discount. You are not limited to only the items on your registry, so be sure to look at everything we have to offer in the Babylist store. Once you’ve added all the items to your cart, click the yes button where it asks “Apply your one-time 15% registry discount to this order?” 

Please note: discounts can only be seen and used by the person who created the registry, and not by partners added to the registry.



Are you using the Babylist app?

Like the website, you can add items directly from the Babylist store or you can click the “Your 15% registry discount is ready!” tile on the home tab to see eligible items that you’ve already added to your Babylist registry. Once you are ready to checkout, tap the small blue up-arrow at the bottom of the screen above the "Proceed to Checkout" button and tap “Apply 15% Registry Discount”. 



Please note: The 15% discount is only for purchases made in the Babylist Store and cannot be applied to items sold by other stores. You can find this information, brand exclusions and more on registry discounts here.